Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogue Jerkbait

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A classic bait that continues to be a favorite with bass anglers across the country, the Smithwick Rattlin Rogue is equipped with loud fish-attracting rattles and a wounded-minnow action proven to produce explosive strikes year-around.

For best results, Smithwick recommends allowing your Rogue to rest on the surface a few seconds before beginning your retrieve. Begin using short, snappy jerks of your rod tip, and vary your jerks from light to hard, slow to fast, short to long.  Slow rolling the Rogue is also a good choice - allowing the Rogue to "wallow" along on or just below the surface with a slow retrieve. Available in several eye-catching, fish-enticing colors, the Smithwick Rattlin Rogue is just as deadly as it ever was - especially in the springtime.

Smithwick Length Weight Depth Class
Rattlin Rogue 4-1/2" 1/3oz 0-2ft Floating