Fin Spin Jig Heads

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• The Fin Spin blade will spin on the retrieve or the fall. The Shad dart shape creates a unique look and movement. Just add a Crappie Magnet body or any solid jig body to add realistic action. The Double Cross barbs will hold onto any jig body longer than any other jig spinner combo. You can cast or troll the Fin Spin.


• UNIQUE SHAPE: The Shad Dart shape creates a unique movement and the cup on the front forces water to the blade cause it to spin at slower speeds

• WILLOW BLADE: The willow shape blade creates a smaller flash and less vibration that crappie and panfish like

• DOUBLE CROSS BARBS: Double Cross barbs hold any body on better as you cast or troll this lure

• LARGER GAP HOOK: The larger gap hooks make this perfect for catching any species of fish

• BRIGHT COLORS: This bait comes in the brightest colors with the jig eyes open and ready to fish